How Does an Underground Dog Fence Work?

The 3 working components of a dog fence include the transmitter, the boundary wire, and the collar(s):


1. The Transmitter

The transmitter broadcasts the signal, and is often installed in a discreet and easily-accessible location. Garages, sheds, and basements are often the main locations. At the transmitter, customers can make adjustments if needed.


2. The Boundary Wire

The transmitter broadcasts the signal through the boundary wire, which is buried approximately 5-6 inches underground during the installation. Because it is essentially one wire that must leave the transmitter and return back to the transmitter, there is a neutral, twisted wire that runs from the transmitter to the boundary, ultimately completing the loop. The wire emits the signal received from the transmitter. Tall, orange flags are put into the ground to visually remind the dog of the boundaries throughout the training process.


3. The Collar(s)

Depending on the transmitter selected and installed, the dog's collar will activate either a few feet before the wire, or directly overtop of the wire. Remember, flags will be present during the training process to help your dog with visuals! The dog is first warned audibly, and is gently corrected if the fence is further challenged, ultimately reminding the dog of the boundary.

What is DFG's Dog Fencing Procedure?


1. Fill Out a Free Quote

After submitting your free quote request, we will work to quickly return a customized quote. Your customized quote will include different packages to choose from. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have.


2. Schedule an Installation Date

If you wish to proceed with the dog fence after receiving the quote, we will work with you to select a package and to schedule an installation date. Installs typically begin between 9:00am and 9:30am.


3. Underground Utilities Will be Located and Marked

Before your installation date, PA One Call will be out to your property to locate and mark your underground utilities.


Installation Day

1. Planning

Upon arrival, we will walk around the property and assist you in laying out your dog fence. Keep in mind that, due to potential signal interference, we must stay a few feet away from any neighboring dog fences. Also, we will talk about the different possibilities regarding where to mount the transmitter. Please visit our Dog Fence Layouts & Designs Page to learn more about various layouts!


2. Installation

The installation process includes burying the boundary wire, placing flags at the boundary, mounting the transmitter, and cleaning up the best we can.


3. Training

After the installation is complete, we will fit the collar(s) on your dog(s) and guide you through the first training session. Please visit our training page to learn more about our Gentle LiteTouch Training Program.


4. Explaining

To wrap everything up, we will thoroughly explain how the transmitter and collar(s) work, as well as the conditioning process. We will also happily answer any questions that you may have!

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