DFG Indoor Radio Fence
  Keep your pet safe out in your yard and in your home! The DFG Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter is a safe and easy-to-use system that effectively keeps your pet out of certain rooms, off furniture, away from trashcans, and more. Simply ... (Read More)
DFG YardMax®️-Pro Indoor Wireless Disc Solution (u
  Protect multiple areas in your home with the purchase of additional Indoor Pet Barriers. Place the Indoor Pet Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid. For indoor use only. Add an unlimited number of pets with additional col ... (Read More)
DFG YardMax®️-Pro Indoor Wireless Small Disc Solut
  Expand your YardMax®️-Pro Dog Fence Outdoor System with an unlimited number of indoor wireless discs that work with your YardMax®️-Pro Receiver Collar.   System includes Small Disc transmitter (3 alkaline AAA batteries ... (Read More)
DFG YardMax®️-Pro Outdoor Barrier Rock
  Expand your YardMax®️-Pro dog fence system to protect multiple outdoor areas. An unlimited number of Barriers will work with your pet's YardMax Receiver Collar.   System includes: A YardMax®️-Pro transmitter rock that ... (Read More)