Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does it cost less for you to install a dog fence?


A: After the financial meltdown in 2008 we had to reinvent ourselves. We needed to trim the fat and get away from the costly ways of doing business. We recognized what was costing us and our customers the most and made the proper modifications. Some of which were:


1. Scale down advertising and only use what we know works. This has been our biggest savings.


2. Become an Independent Dog Fencing Contractor so that we now can negotiate special pricing with various vendors. Not just one manufacturer. We're so much different than an Independent Dealer for any certain brand name manufacturer. 


3. Open up our territory to be able to go wherever we want, and not where a manufacturer dictates to us.


4. We opened an online store to give our customers thousands of pet supplies and solutions for their pets. This has saved us countless man hours of work.


5. Lastly, we revolutionized the estimation process and streamlined it. We make estimating quick and easy with flat pricing.


Q: Isn't a Dealer Installed system better?


A: No. The Dealer installed systems aren't giving you anything special. The technology is basically the same from brand to brand. They would like you to believe what they're selling you is special. Be careful of the buzz words! Usually they're meaningless.


Ask yourself this question. If you were to hire a painter, are you hiring the brand of paint he uses or the experience and expertise that he has to share? Dog fencing is no different. 


Q: Explain your training and how are you different?


A: We utilize a training method called "Gentle LiteTouch Training". We were one of the pioneers of this training method. We were safely containing dogs at much lower correction levels than ever thought possible. This training technique was recognized and endorsed by IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). So while other companies were lighting dogs up at the fence line and striking fear into them, we were devising an alternative, more gentle approach that makes the process of fence training less stressful for your pet. Unfortunately, some companies are still using the old school of thought on training. 


Q: Can I make adjustments to the system if I need to?


A: Absolutely! Plus, we will show you how to and give you phone support if you forget. The biggest name in the dog fencing business still doesn't allow their customers to make adjustments. This would hurt their constant revenue stream.


Q: Invisible Fence Brand is the biggest name in the business, why shouldn't I just go with them?


A: Wow! Several reasons.


1. Expense. They are the most expensive brand on the market and offer the least in technology to their customers.


2. Batteries. Their batteries are expensive. They last half as long and cost twice as much as other brands we offer. 


3. No personalized service, and everyone has to get paid. From the owner that you never meet, the sales person who gets a commission check, a trainer, and an installer of the system. I'm the owner and on every job so I know it's all being done correctly.


4. I have first hand experience going on service work on Invisible Fence Systems. I have determined and it is my own opinion that that everything that they do is to maintain a constant revenue stream. I've seen fences chopped up so they need to be replaced, I've seen wires just twisted together so that they fail from corrosion later on, I've seen poorly trained dogs, etc...


Q: Does this work on kids and/or spouses?


A: No, they always figure out how to get the collar off. I have seriously been asked this question hundreds of times during home shows. In case you're wondering, no I have never installed an underground fence for a human being. 


Q: Is your system AM, FM, DM?


A: The short answer is, honestly, who cares! The pet containment market has surpassed the old days where you did have to be very careful installing certain systems because they would correct a dog at the TV set or something else that would attract the signal. The difference is those systems were analog versus today's digital capabilities. However, even now, in some very rare cases, you will get a receiver that will activate on something completely out of the ordinary. The good news is we can usually remedy the issue fairly quickly. Even over the phone. I haven't seen this problem for at least a decade. It is my belief that every major manufacturer has done it's best to minimize the potential of this happening. The bottom line is it's a smoke and mirrors sales tactic to make the consumers believe that they are getting something special, when really, they are not. If you are interested in reading what my competitor's are saying, please read the "Great Debate" section of my site. I find it all a bit entertaining to watch them fight over something so silly and meaningless anymore.  


Q: Why is an underground dog fence better than a physical fence?

A: A dog has a significantly less chance of breaking through an underground fence than a physical fence. Reason being, a dog could dig/crawl under the physical fence, jump over the fence, break the fence, or push through a gate in order to leave the property. A physical fence does not provide the protection for your dog if it were to run out the front door or garage door to the street. An underground fence, however, your dog cannot manipulate or maneuver it's way through in any way to leave the property.


Q: Why should I get an underground dog fence vs a wireless dog fence?


A: An underground dog fence is the best choice, as it can be installed to satisfy any size/shape property. An underground fence can be customized to meet the customer's needs. Although wireless dog fences are easier to install, there are many drawbacks, as seen in the following video...


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