Fiber Optic Internet & Your Underground Dog Fence: What You Need to Know

With the world moving at breakneck speed towards a digital future, fiber optic internet is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of this transformation. As more neighborhoods and homes gain access to this high-speed internet connectivity, an unintended consequence has emerged: the accidental disruption of underground dog fences.

How Does This Happen?

  1. Trenching Techniques: The majority of fiber optic cables are buried underground. To accomplish this, companies use trenching machines and horizontal directional drilling. While these techniques effectively install fiber cables, they can inadvertently break underground dog fence wires and other underground utilities.
  2. Unknown Locations: Often, the precise locations of underground dog fences remain a mystery to fiber optic installation teams. If underground dog fence wiring is not properly marked, each dig can potentially harm or completely sever the wiring of an underground dog fence.

Plan Ahead

If you're gearing up to have fiber optic internet installed and already have an underground dog fence in place, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Your Dog Fence: Before any digging starts, it's important to determine the exact location of your underground dog fence wiring. If you're unsure of its whereabouts, The Dog Fence Guy! has both the tools and the expertise required to accurately identify the location of your underground dog fence.
  2. Mark the Area: After pinpointing the underground dog fence wiring, use flags to demarcate the zone. This visual marker is invaluable to the fiber optic installation crew.
  3. Communicate with Your Provider: Make sure to inform the fiber optic installation team about the areas you've marked. Clear communication is often all that's needed to prevent potential damage.

In the Event of a Dog Fence Wire Break

Despite best efforts, accidents can and do happen. If your underground dog fence gets damaged:

  1. Improper Repairs: It's not uncommon for repairs to damaged dog fence wires to fall short. Quick fixes, such as simple splices or taped connections, can degrade with time. This often results in inconsistent signals or total system malfunctions. Such issues frequently arise when internet companies, after accidentally damaging the underground dog fence, attempt a makeshift repair. Unfortunately, these are often just temporary solutions. It's vital to use proper splicing techniques!
  2. Seek Professional Help: If your underground dog fence wire is compromised, proper repairs are essential. Instead of trusting a fiber optic crew or your own DIY skills, it's best to consult professionals experienced with underground dog fences.
  3. Contact The Dog Fence Guy!: If you find yourself grappling with underground dog fence issues stemming from fiber optic installations, reach out to The Dog Fence Guy! Our expertise ensures your underground dog fence is back to its prime condition, with guidance, support, and professional service!


The evolving domain of fiber optic internet and safety barriers such as underground dog fences sometimes conflict. By staying informed, understanding risks, and calling on experts when needed, the coexistence of high-speed internet and our pets' safety is entirely feasible.

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