DFG Receiver Collar Shock Test Light Tool


Test light for most remote trainer, bark, and fencing receiver collars with static correction. Included in many kits, this tool is also designed as a wrench to tighten contact points and has a tab to easily remove most batteries and battery covers.


The Test Light Tool is used to tell if your collar is working properly. Hold the tool against the contact points and activate the collar. For a remote trainer, activate the correction using the transmitter. For a fence, move the collar near the boundary, holding the collar at your dog's neck height. The tool will light up if the collar is activating.


Note: Will not work on Invisible Fence®️  Brand Receiver Collars. The contact tips on the receiver collars are spaced too far away. However, it will work on the smaller Invisible Fence®️ Brand Micro-Elite collar receivers.

DFG Receiver Collar Shock Test Light Tool


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