How Does an Underground Electric Dog Fence Work?

An Underground Electric Dog Fence Consists of (3) Main Components:

  1. Transmitter
  2. Boundary wire
  3. Receiver collar(s)


The transmitter sends out a signal and is typically installed in a discreet and easily-accessible location, such as garages, sheds, or basements. Customers can make adjustments to the transmitter settings as needed.


Boundary Wire

The boundary wire carries the signal from the transmitter and is buried approximately 5-6 inches underground during installation. It forms a loop, starting and ending at the transmitter, with a neutral twisted wire connecting the two ends. The buried boundary wire emits a signal, and our unique fluorescent orange boundary flags are placed along the boundary as visual reminders for the dog during training.


Receiver Collar(s)

Depending on the chosen transmitter, the dog's receiver collar will activate either a few feet before the buried boundary wire or directly above the buried boundary wire. During training, our unique fluorescent boundary flags help the dog visually recognize the boundary. The receiver collar first emits an audible warning tone, followed by gentle static stimulation should the dog continue to approach the fence boundary.

Our Underground Electric Dog Fence Procedure

Request a Free Quote

Submit your Free Quote Request, and we'll promptly provide a customized quote with different package options for you to select from. This is also an excellent time to ask any questions. Feel free to ask us anything! Our knowledgeable USA-based support staff are always happy to assist!


Schedule an Installation Date

If you decide to proceed with an underground electric dog fence, we'll help you select a package and schedule an installation date. Installations typically start between 9:00am and 9:30am.


Locate and Mark Underground Utilities

Before installation, PA One Call will visit your property to locate and mark any underground utilities.


Installation Day: Planning

Upon arrival, we'll assist in planning your underground electric dog fence layout, considering any neighboring underground electric dog fences to avoid any unnecessary signal interference that could potentially degrade the performance of your dog fence. We'll also discuss potential transmitter mounting locations. Visit our Dog Fence Layouts & Designs Page for more layout ideas!


Installation Day: Burying the Boundary Wire & Placing Boundary Flags

We'll bury the boundary wire, place our fluorescent orange boundary flags along the boundary zone, mount the transmitter, and clean up the area.


Installation Day: Training

Once the installation is complete, we'll fit the receiver collar(s) on your dog(s) and guide you through the first training session. Visit our Training Page to learn more about our Gentle LiteTouch Training Program.


Installation Day: Familiarization with Dog Fence Electronics & Procedures

Finally, we'll explain the functioning of the transmitter, receiver collar(s), the conditioning process, and answer any questions you may have.