DFG YardMax®️-Pro Indoor Wireless Disc Solution (up to a 12' diameter)


Protect multiple areas in your home with the purchase of additional Indoor Pet Barriers. Place the Indoor Pet Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid. For indoor use only. Add an unlimited number of pets with additional collars.


System Includes: Barrier Transmitter (3 Alkaline AA batteries required, not included) and Operating and Training Guide.


  • For dogs and cats 5 pounds and up
  • Adjustable barrier range protects areas from 2-12 feet in diameter
  • Battery operated barrier fits easily in small spaces
  • Easy set-up and training
Place the Indoor Disc near anything you want your pet to avoid. Set it and forget it!


  • 0.5 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days