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The Dog Fence Guy!®️

2 years ago-
Invisible Fence couldn't get out to fix a break for 5 days.
Called DFG and he was out in 4 hours. For a GREAT price.
He was pleasant quick to work. He will get all my business now

Tracey Robb

a year ago-
The Dog Fence Guy never lets me or my dog Cocoa down. I had a inferior fence company put my fence in 9 years ago and lately I have been developing issues but he has helped me and fixed it every time. I don't recommend anyone but him for dog fence issues. He has a background in electricity which gives him knowledge that other fence people do not have. I trust him in my house and on my property even when I am not home. He just serviced my fence and actually helped my daughter retrieve her balls out of our tree. He is a very nice man, a good business man and an excellent dog fence repairer. He even answered my call when he was on vacation in Florida. I recommend Joe.
Nathan Lott
2 hours ago
Joe offers a very professional and knowledgeable service. He was patient with me as I had plenty of questions. He also seems love what he does and that to me was worth every dollar I spent to protect our new pet! If you need to get an invisible fence, don't call anyone else but Joe!


The Duncans
a week ago-
Could not have been more pleased with Joe - "The Dog Fence Guy" While edging our garden, I accidentally cut through our dog fence wire in two places. Thank GOODNESS “The Dog Fence Guy” was there to fix it in less than 24 hours! Highly recommend him to any overly zealous green thumbs out there... Now our hound dog can continue his love/hate relationship with the yard bunnies by running full speed and skidding to a screeching halt at the fence line. Bunnies are smart...Our dog? Not so much! Thanks again, Joe. You have a new customer!

Bill Hennessey

3 weeks ago-
I have worked with Joe AKA "the dog fence guy" Joe is the best in the industry, he really cares about his customers and there dogs, one thing I really really like the most about his service, is he is an owner operator, and has a vested interest in a quality installation and providing a quality product. Unlike a lot of other service business I have used in the past who send out a low paid hourly employee who's main intention is to get in in out Joe spends countless hours talking to the customer and really putting the time in to make you feel really confident in something as complicated as training your beloved pet on an invisible fence system. One thing I really like about him is he never makes you feel rushed or wasting his time, and no question is stupid...he always returns our calls promptly if we have an issue, I'm so greatful to have found such a reliable service man such as Joe, who I now not only consider a contractor but a friend...I even like him more now that I know he is a former fellow Marine....Ooh Rah Semper Fi....I'm proud to be able to support fellow service men who put it on the line....for our country, Don't be fooled by other companies slick marketing and fancy sales pitches your not getting a product with this guy, your getting a lifetime of good quality service and safe containment of your beloved best friend....thanks again, we love you Joe, The Hennessey Family.
Tina Liddick
3 weeks ago-
Joe is great and very personable. He's extremely informative and his love for animals shows in his work. I highly recommend Joe for your dog fence needs. You won't be disappointed!

Susan Lutz

3 weeks ago-
Joe is friendly and responsive to his customers’ needs!
Brad Stermer
3 months ago-
I had bought a new system and planned a DIY job. But had many questions and was unsure. I was covering 2 acres and didn't want to go through the time and expense, only to find I didn't set it up properly. Winter was coming and I wanted this job done. So I called Joe. My system was never used by any of his customers. So he did his own research and was extremely prepared and full of knowledge when he arrived. His equipment and approach are upscale and professional. Definitely Not a fly-by-night business. He did a great job with installation. Since then we shared info as we both learned this new fence/ training system. I had to call him once with a question. His tech support was fast and accurate. I'm very pleased with everything. Thanks Joe!


Erin Risser

a month ago-

Joe is extremely knowledgeable in the electric dog fence business. He helped us choose the best product for our needs. We couldn’t be more satisfied with with the product and the service. Joe is quick to respond to any questions and is eager to help in any way that he can. The installation was quick and easy and after the fence was installed, Joe helped us train our puppy. We highly recommend Joe, The Dog Fence Guy! We have already told our friends and neighbors about the great experience that we’ve had with Joe. You won’t be disappointed


Eric Waltman

3 weeks ago-
We contacted Joe for a quote, was happy with the numbers and explained to him the not so simple parts of our property. We wanted approximately 2 acres secured so that our children could run and play with the dogs. Once complete the amount of wire would have been adequate for nearly 5 acres. Joe stuck to the price promised! Very easy to work with. Price was well below other estimates! Most importantly, he listened to what we wanted, not what would have been easy for the installer. Very highly recommended!
3 months ago-
Before, during and after installation, Joe asked questions to determine our desired results, expectations we had for our dog/ourselves and provided very thorough training for us on the remote, how to train our pet with the fence. Joe followed up at least three times following installation to question if we need further assistance. Joe was always available for consultation w/o rushing through the explanation. The experience more than exceeded our expectations.
Sarah Englebert
5 months ago-
We had our invisible pet fence installed by Joe two weeks ago, and I’m so glad we went with an invisible pet fence! At first, I was a bit apprehensive about getting an invisible dog fence at the new house we moved into since our Sheltie was used to a physical fence. After searching for an invisible pet fence installer online and reading all the positive reviews about The Dog Fence Guy, I reached out to Joe. Even though he primarily services the Lancaster County area, he made the trip out to Camp Hill; if you’re in the Harrisburg area, I highly recommend you reach out to him. He installed the fence in December weather quickly without any hiccups. My dog is very shy around new people so I was a little nervous, but Joe is such a friendly and professional guy. Based on our dog’s personality, he recommended an hour glass configuration. After he installed the fence, we had a training session and Joe gave us a thorough training guide for the weeks ahead with step-by-step instructions which was a huge relief to me since I knew nothing about invisible fences. Two weeks in, our dog is doing so well on the invisible fence. When we first got the underground pet fence installed, I was a typical nervous dog mom. We now have an invisible pet fence our dog can enjoy for years to come! Thanks, Joe – Sarah, Josh, and Bandit

Alissa Kling

2 months ago-
Joe did an amazing job putting in my dog fence! He also had amazing customer service which makes it an even better experience! Thanks!


Lauren Garrett

a year ago-
Joe the dog fence guy is the best! He installed quickly, was very professional, and gave us detailed training and instructions! He also left our yard looking fantastic. You would never know an underground fence was installed. Joe is very easy to reach with any questions or concerns as well. He cares about his work. I highly suggest using him for any of your pet containment needs!! Thanks joe!!
3 weeks ago-
I am so happy with my fence THANK YOU thank you!! You have given my dog her freedom!

Lauren Finn

3 weeks ago-
Joe provides a very personalized experiemce. He responds quickly to questions throughout the process and even months later 👍🏻

Steve Weaber

2 months ago-
If your looking for a pet containment system look no further. Being a DYI'r I had thought about doing this myself but so glad I didn't, after having Joe do it and teach me and work with our dog it was more then money well spent. Joe does excellent work and I would highly recommend. From the initial contact to the end of the job 10 stars!. He had our fence installed in no time and dialed in our dogs collar to the correct setting teaching me the in's and out's of the entire system. Followed his directions and my dog is right on track enjoying the entire yard.

Allen Dinkle

2 months ago-
Most helpful contractor ever! Backs his work up years later if there are any problems.
2 months ago-
Fast and reliable service! We love Joe!!

Wendy McBride

4 months ago-
Exceptional experience! Joe, helped us with every step in training and follow-up with any issues. His follow-up response to questions and issues is unbeatable. Thanks Joe for your dedication to great service!

Jim Thompson

5 months ago-
Joe is fantastic. He installed my original fence 11 years ago and still provides great service to this day. Even recently he was able to help us adding a dog to our existing system without selling us something we didn’t need like some other dog fence businesses.

Is great to do business with
5 months ago-
I would highly recommend Joe. He is professional, great to work with and his customer service is excellent even after having our fence for almost two years!

V Hagerstrom

9 months ago-
Owner was fantastic!
First thing he did was ask questions to establish what my dog would need and what I was looking to achieve. Then he educated me on how it can be done.
He has been prompt and responsive to questions I've had. No need to look elsewhere, this is your guy.

Kristi R.

10 months ago-
Joe did a fanatic job installing our fence. He asked a lot of great questions about the "future" of our property so he could lay out the fence in the best way to fit our needs. He was quick (2 hours and my half-acre property was completely finished!), polite, and loved up my dogs! I highly recommend Joe!

Leah DeLallo

10 months ago-
Not even two days after we had our baby our Great Dane puppy somehow managed to take his collar off and chew it to pieces. After contacting The Dog Fence Guy he had a new one dropped off in two hours. Truly exceptional customer service. Would rate ten stars if I could. The yardmax system is also nice because it does not shock the dog when it comes back in.

Nick Marconi

10 months ago-
Thank you Joe! I was searching the web and found Joe's site. After gathering some information I noticed he actually put his cell number on his website and said call/text with any questions. Well, that's what I did. Mind you I live in Maumee Ohio. After a informative 40 minute conversation Joe answered all the concerns I had with installing a 3 wall inground fence system with rods. Joe knew I probably wouldn't contract him all the way to Toledo but still took the time to explain the procedure. Thank you Joe, you truly are The Dog Fence Guy and a man for others.

Christine Hsieh

11 months ago-
After having my fence installed by a big name company that was sold to another company, I gave up on all of them. Joe returns calls quickly and provides quick service. He's been to my home twice now, and he will continue to be the first call I make when I have an issue with our electric fence.

Brian RO-TAC

a year ago-
I recently consulted the Dog Fence Guy for some technical assistance. He was amazing. I totally recommend him for any and all dog fence needs. Thanks again for your help.


a year ago-
We have a lab mix and a Yorkie. They would both run out in the street every time someone would walk by. We had put off getting a fence because I figured it couldn't work with the size difference of our dogs. Someone gave me Joe's name and he assured us that it would work. You can set each collar to suit the dog. Our life is so much easier for the 2 years we have had the fence. We can be outside with our dogs and have peace of mind that they will stay in the yard.

Dianne Hannak

a year ago-
I don't often write reviews but really felt compelled to do so. I had Joe The Dog Fence Guy install our invisible pet fence for our new puppy Lebron last year. Everything was done perfectly, from the actual installation to the mounting of the electronic base in our garage. I could not have been more pleased going with this company. One of the main reasons I chose this company was after I talked to Joe, he told me that he was the person who would be installing and also the person I could call if there was ever a problem.(Unlike some of the bigger companies who hay have a different person installing and a different person answering calls and maintaining follow up concerns). Well, yesterday I realized that I could not find my charger to the collar. I called Joe yesterday and he addressed my concern immediately. In fact, the charger is supposed to arrive on Wednesday. Thank you Joe for keeping my fur baby safe!!!

Susan Kirchner

a year ago-
Our new fence is working out very well!
Our dogs understand their boundaries and can run and play safely in our yard. This has been a big benefit for all of us and we no longer have to worry about them running across the street. Thanks dog fence guy!

Julie Vance

a year ago
Quick service and return calls!! Joe is very knowledgeable and helpful. He saved us from having to give up a very active dog that we were having trouble containing. His kindness and genuine caring for our little furry friends is evident and so appreciated!!

L. Heth

a year ago-
We are very happy with our pet containment system! Joe was very friendly and accommodating. We have recommended him to numerous people who are in need of an invisible fence system. When our dog's collar broke, he was quick to replace it at no charge. He has great customer service skills!

Trish Arbetman

a year ago-
Joe has worked with us a number of times on an old fence. He recently replaced our failing fence. He is honest and professional. I highly recommend him.

Erika Maldet

a year ago-
Joe is always great! Installed our fence years ago and responds quickly whenever we still need him!

Deric Main

a year ago-
Thanks Joe! I am very happy with the dog containment system that was installed. Joe took the time to explain all aspects of the system and provided training with my dog. The fact that this is a Veteran owned and operated company made it an easy choice for selecting Joe for the job.
Joe remains readily available for all maintenance or warranty issues.
Thanks again.

Augustine Testa

a year ago-
We highly recommend Joe. The work was done quickly and professionally. He took the time to make sure we understood how to train our puppy, and checked in after the installation to see how things were going. We wouldn't hesitate to use him again. His prices were also very reasonable. Overall, a great experience.

David Douglass

a year ago-
Incredible service and unmatched knowledge! Joe spent the necessary time to make sure that I understood the application for the fence and the limitations of it. Great Company! Will use in the future! Give Joe a call!

Greg S

a year ago-
I purchased an invisible fence from Joe 10 years ago. Recently the colar stopped working. He provided a replacement and came out within one day after he stepped me through some troubleshooting over the phone. Fast service and great prices.

Lisa Anderson

a year ago-
We have had our underground fence for awhile now but we are extremely happy with the service that Joe has given us and still continues to give. When the battery in the collar dies, Joe is always available and ready to send us a new one as soon as possible. We would always recommend The Dog Fence Guy to anyone wanting a underground dog fence.

Bradley Hall

a year ago-
The Dog Fence Guy does magic!! Not only does the installation work great, the yard still looked normal after the installation! Joe took the time after he was finished to train myself and my pup on the new system! The Dog Fence Guy is very reasonable and goes the extra mile for his customers! Thanks again Joe for the awesome work you've done!!

Heather Gallagher

a year ago-
If you are looking for a dog fence to be put in, Joe is your guy. Installation was nice , organized and done in a timely manner. Joe took the time to "train" us on the system, and has been wonderful answering followup questions we have had.

John Schick

a year ago-
Awesome product and Joe is very responsive to any issue you may have or even if you just have a general question. They also stand behind their product. We had an issue with a collar and Joe replaced it under warranty very promptly.

R Bowman

a year ago-
Being able to open the door and let the dog out without the hassle of a leash is wonderful! We are all enjoying our new freedom! Even those rascally squirrels are not enough to tempt her to try the fence. Joe did a great job installing the fence and getting the dog to understand it was easy. The one time that I thought there was a problem (turned out to be operator error), his customer service was fast and efficient. Even though my husband originally thought it was expensive and unnecessary, it didn't take him long to change his mind. Wish we had done it sooner!

Wendy Gillespie

a year ago-
Joe Madilia did a great job installing our fence for our first dog. We now have a second puppy. We notified him again for advice and he was very friendly and gave great advice on when to train the young puppy. This has been a great experience.

Peggy Bupp

a year ago-
Joe delivers the BEST customer service!!! He exceeded my expectations!!! I called him today at 2 pm & told him that my dog ran through the fence last night & he was at my house today at 4:30 to deliver new batteries & to make certain that the dog fence he installed was working properly!!! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to install a dog containment fence!!! Joe delivers excellent customer service!!! I am beyond pleased!!!

Penny Mchugh

a year ago-
I had pretty much given up on an electric fence for our dogs. I had several estimates that were astronomical in price. That's when I found Joe. Not only did he give us a fair and reasonable price but he was able to fit us in in a short amount of time. He even stayed after the install and helped us with both dogs!! The puppy was no problem he got it right away but our older dog was really stubborn about it. Joe stayed available to help us and sure enough he caught on to. We had a dog get hit and I never want to go through that again. Thanks Joe for a super job. I would highly recommend him. Actual I'm not sure why anyone would look any further. The dog fence guy is the best!!!

Laurel Young

a year ago-
I love my fence!!! I was a little hesitant on wether it would work on my 125lb Great Dane, but it has been everything I could have hoped!! Joe spent about a half hour helping train my dog with the fence on the day of installation. I was given written directions on how to continue training my dog over the next few days and weeks!! Joe was there to answer questions after the job was complete. I've called him a couple times just to check in and ask questions and tell him it was working like a charm. Joe was always very professional and prompt. I have recommended him to a number of friends!!

connie bare

a year ago-
Joe has been awesome with us and our two dogs! He takes the time to answer any of your questions and is very patience with our dogs. I would recommend him to anyone. I'm grateful for our pet fence and our dogs love the fact that they can run around the whole yard and we can relax knowing they wont get out! Thanks Joe!

Gary Breniser

a year ago-
Just want to thank Joe the DFG, for his help, the install was absolutely great Thanks for working around my busy schedule and thanks for the instructions on everything, Yard looks great and my dogs have adapted well to the fence, you were right about putting some time into training our dogs, it has paid off... thanks again and will recommend your services.

Scott Elsenpeter

a year ago-
Great experience. Gave me some great advice and arrived at good solution!!!!